JDM letters

Today I will continue transcribing the World War 2 letters of
JDM and Dorothy, his wife. Her letters are written in very small script, necessitating the use of a magnifying glass to decipher many of the words, so it is a painstaking process. On some days I get only one letter completed. Most of his are not difficult to read.

Then my wife will check what I’ve done, make corrections, and once that is done we convert to Word and put them on a CD to take up to the Collection at the Smathers Library in Gainesville.

It is our hope that within a year or so there may be a book published containing the letters.

So, on many days I am living in 1943 in Poland, N.Y. (where Dorothy lived for several months prior to moving to Utica,) or hearing from JDM in an Army camp, or later in India.

This is my first attempt at a blog, so chime in with whatever you want.

I can also be reached at cbranche@earthlink.net


3 Responses to “JDM letters”

  1. Steven G. Atkinson Says:


    Good luck and I hope that the book does get published.


  2. Ben Brumfield Says:

    Best of luck with the transcription. My father has loved JDM for years.

    If the book falls through, would you consider putting the letters online?

  3. Ron McKinney Says:

    Hi Cal,
    Do you look at the websites of the people who comment?

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