Had a great telephone conversation last night with the woman who owns the apartment building where Dorothy MacDonald lived for several months in mid to late 1943.  Dorothy was born in Poland.  John was in India at this time serving in World War 2. He was in the OSS, but not as a spy; he obtained supplies for the troops.

What made it great was describing the three-room apartment where Dorothy lived, noting that the most recent letter I had transcibed included a section about how warm the fireplace kept the apartment in cold weather.  The owner was very excited to tell me that that apartment, and fireplace, still exist, and is still rented out.  Although this owner has only had the apartment house since 1978 she is going to start asking around to see if her friends and acquaintences might have picture postcards of the center of town from the 1940’s,  which is where the apartment building is located.


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  1. John Paul Carinci Says:

    John McDonald’s writing of the Travis McGee novels have inspired me to become a writer myself. I have just finished writing my sixth book, five are fiction and written in the first person style I was inspired to from reading John’s novels.

  2. Margeret Cotner Says:

    I much enjoyed this! I would have to say this is an awfully informative post that deserves mentioning elsewhere. This is for 2 types of people:current writers who are considering a new job,and people trying to pick to become a writer.

  3. John Paul Carinci Says:

    For any new fiction writer, John McDonald’s books should be mandatory reading. A writer not only picks up on John’s fantastic style, but begins to get motivated that they too can pen a novel, they too can travel to far off places, and pass their adventures on.
    That is what happened to me, all in passing

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