The Deep Blue Gooby to be filmed?

here’s the link:,0,67


One Response to “The Deep Blue Gooby to be filmed?”

  1. J.D. Frailey Says:

    I became a fan of John D. after noticing that Stephen King mentions him in numerous books over the years, then in the early 1980’s came across Free Fall in Crimson at a garge sale–and was hooked. I also noticed that whener I met someone who had read a Travis McGee book, it almost inevitably turned out they had read ALL of the Travis McGee books. I semi-tricked a non-reading friend (who bragged they had not read a book since high school) into reading The Quick Red Fox (my friend is a photographer so the plot grabbed him)–and my friend is now a devoted John D. fan, having read over 40 of his books, he even keeps a collection of John D. quotes that especially grab him, e.g. “…she was built for abundant lactation–her uniform blouse was not.” God bless you, John D. MacDonald, you did it right.

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